Export iPhone Contacts To Nokia

I have smartphone fatigue. I tried reducing the iPhone 12 notifications and using my automated ‘bedtime’ mode, which is blocking all connectivity except the mobile signal. But I have to admit, the phone companies are experts in attracting and hooking people to their devices and I can’t keep myself from coming back to my smartphone for any kind of distraction. That is why I bought a ‘feature’ phone, basically a dumb phone that can hold my personal and business SIM card, has Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G connectivity. It is the Nokia 235 4G (2024).

Setup is easy, and comes naturally as I have worked 6 years for ‘Phone House’, a telecom retailer during my bachelor study. But when I wanted to transfer my contacts from the iPhone to the Nokia I got stuck. I will spare you the attempts and get right into the solution:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  2. Pair devices.
  3. This was the missing link; on the iPhone, tap the info icon of your Nokia in the list of (paired) devices.
  4. Turn on the Sync contact option, and choose what to sync.
  5. On your Nokia, go to Contacts -> Settings -> Android Sync

When the sync is successful you now should have the iPhone contacts on your Nokia!